Learning Management System


Learning Management System

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Salamath’s HSE Management Solution is the nucleus of your organization’s well-being, and together, we will build a future where safety and success walk hand in hand. At Salamath, we’re dedicated to safeguarding your organization’s well-being through our comprehensive suite of Management Solutions. With a focus on Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) management, our software empowers your business to create a secure and compliant work environment.

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What We Do

Health Safety Environment (HSE) Management Solutions

Put your organization’s well-being in Salamath’s safest hands. Our central software solution is tailor made for the HSE industry, ensuring your data is always organized and up-to-date.

Learning Management System

Keep your workforce up-to-date with the latest practices in health, safety, and environmental matters. Our interactive modules and progress tracking make continuous learning a breeze.

Safety Observation Program

Enhance your safety culture with our program, streamlining incident reporting and follow-up, all within one integrated system.

Forms & Reports

Efficient documentation is key to compliance and accountability. Our customizable templates simplify data collection and reporting processes, providing timely and verifiable data.

Journey Management Program

Ensure safe transportation with real-time planning and risk assessment. Our online module optimizes logistics, integrating traffic and weather data for secure, on-time journeys.

Vehicle Inspection, Handover & Tracking System

Optimize vehicle management throughout their lifecycle with transparency, accountability, and real-time tracking.

Asset Tracking System

Gain visibility and control over your assets’ location and condition, making informed decisions about resource allocation.

Employee Documents Management Program

Effortlessly manage employee documents, certifications, and training records in a secure, cloud-based repository.


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